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Accelerate The Economy Through Youth in Enterprise

(Accelerate LABS) is a Microsoft Youth Spark program focused on activating the Small and Medium Scale Engine to accelerate economic development through enterprise development and technology incubation. The overall goal of the project is to equip 2,160 youths (Across the 6 Geo-political zones in Nigeria) by building socially inclined, high profit, and highly competitive enterprise capable of impacting the GDP.

Accelerate Labs will empower youths helping them develop empathy, find clarity of purpose and the needed resource in form of Technology, training, knowledge, mentors and seed funding required for them to build socially responsible enterprises across their communities. This program will be deployed by Youth Spark partner, The Future Project.


  • To build socially responsible enterprises across communities in Nigeria 
  • Improve the ability of youths to scale ideas and proffer solutions to societal issues while leveraging on their market.  
  • To increase access to quality education using Microsoft tools and improve institutional capacities.  
“The Future project is expanding on accelerate LABS to build and empower
young citizens that are willing to contribute to the development in Nigeria.
 With the new businesses that will be supported through trainings and mentorship,
there are immense opportunities to create jobs and also provide young entrepreneurs
wider access to useful knowledge and strategies in building more successful businesses.”
Bukonla Adebakin,
                                                                                                       Deputy Chief Operating Officer, The Future Project.
  • Six Geo-Political Zones

    Six Geo-Political Zones

    • North Central – Federal Capital Territory
    • North East – Bauchi
    • North West – Kaduna
    • South East – Abia
    • South South – Edo
    • South West – Lagos
  • Twelve Months

    Twelve Months

  • Three Streams

    Three Streams

Our Mission

At the end of one year, Accelerate Labs will empower youths to develop empathy, find clarity of purpose and the needed resources build socially responsible enterprises in their communities.

Technology 100%

Training 100%

Knowledge 100%

Mentors 100%

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