Testimonial of Ajayi Omolabake from Accelerate Labs stream 3

Founder of Anem Creations and Designs, is a fashion company that specialise in knitting of wears and uniforms. I was a participant of Accelerate Labs stream 3. I got to know about the program via a WhatsApp group chat, I applied reluctantly and I will never regret taking that step for all my life.

During the program my knowledge about entrepreneurship was expanded and I was able to see the true picture and current bad state of my business enterprise, the causes and way out of it. This availed me the opportunity to strategize and redirect myself and available resources better.

The entire curriculum is enriching and impacting. I specifically learnt diverse ways of raising start-up or expansion capitals without necessarily going through the tedious and almost never yielding loan processes from commercial banks. My knowledge was stretched and my mind is now open to greater opportunities and possibilities. I also learnt how to overcome difficult beginnings especially in a business that does not have a wide awareness by people.

My business has already started experiencing positive turn around and I am as well becoming a better entrepreneur. Now, I am more determined than ever to take Nigeria fashions industry a step further  by taking the lead to venture into waters that Nigerian fashion designers don’t want to sail and bring the act of knitting in my country into brighter view and to international standards.

Thank you Accelerate Labs for this life changing Opportunity.


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