Administrative Details

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  • Immediate interface with the Program coordinator will assist in every way possible to help you achieve your purpose for coming.
  • Distribution of materials
  • Copies of slides etc. not in the binders will be distributed after class- mostly soft copies through mails
  • Name tags will be given on the first day of class. It should always be worn in the building.
  • Participants will be charged for misplacing tags.
  • After every module, please ensure that you complete the feedback form online and submit. Note that this will be part of your requirement for graduation.
  • Toilet must be flushed after use. Please endeavor to keep to the cleanliness of the Center .
  • The duration of time allowed for tea break is 15 minutes while duration of time allowed during lunch is 45 minutes. The remaining minutes for both tea and lunch break are left for participants relax/network.
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