Testimonial from Suzan Adinoyi of Accelerate Labs South West Region (Lagos)

Suzan Adinoyi is the founder of Style Ville, a menswear fashion and lifestyle company. She is also a market analyst by profession and a consumer behavior enthusiast. Speaking about how she got interested in menswear, Suzan says “I realized how difficult it is to source for menswear as the only female child out of 4 children. Also, I realized that ladies had more options than men, so I decided to focus on menswear and also use technology not just to connect consumers to amazing brands, but to also help local brands to improve on their products, and compete favorably with global brands.”

Suzan says “I came across the Accelerate Labs from one of the startup platforms that I read often and I applied. Accelerate Labs has helped me to better understand marketing and branding in the Nigerian market, how to take advantage of mind mapping, how to develop skill and talent by learning the basics and how important keeping my books is. I have been equipped to step into new waters and learn from the different experiences rather than just going through them and to build capacity for each stage of my business.

Speaking further, Suzan says, “Accelerate Labs made me understand that numbers in business should not just be seen from a revenue and sales point. I have had to restructure and think of ways to profitably handle the operational aspect of my business and better improve the processes. Presently, I am on the verge of creating a team to help local brands become global.”

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