The Future Project and Microsoft Nigeria announces call for application for Accelerate the Economy through Youth in Enterprise (Accelerate LABS)

The Future Project in collaboration with Microsoft Nigeria today announced the call for application for “Accelerate the Economy through Youth in Enterprise” (Accelerate LABS).

Accelerate LABS is the activation of Small and Medium Scale Business Engines to accelerate economic development through enterprise development and technology. Through this intervention, the initiative will equip 2,160 youth across the six geo-political zones in the country to build socially inclined, high profit, and highly competitive enterprise capable of impacting the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country.

“Microsoft, through our YouthSpark initiative seeks to empower the youth population of Nigeria to imagine and realize their full potential by connecting them with greater opportunities for education, employment and entrepreneurship, helping them create a real impact for a better tomorrow,” said Olusola Amusan, Citizenship Lead, Microsoft Nigeria.

“We are delighted about this partnership with Microsoft Nigeria, it will serve as part of our mission to build a network of empowered citizens through jobs, entrepreneurship, and active citizenship which is in line with the Microsoft YouthSpark mission to increase access for all youth to learn,” said Bukonla
Adebakin, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, The Future Project.

“By the end of one year, we would have empowered young people to develop empathy, find clarity of purpose and the needed resources to build socially responsible enterprises in their communities. We will have youth across Nigeria leading the frontiers of change in various disciplines,” she added.

Each geo political zone would be represented by a host state that will serve as a hub to incubate these businesses. Accelerate Labs will be in three streams with each stream running for 3 months. Each stream will include 3 weeks training session, 4 weeks mentoring session, 3 weeks research and practice and a demo day for pitching of business ideas to prospective investors.

The call for applications is now open and will run from 7th of August to 24th of August, 2017 via this link

Accelerate Labs is an initiative of The Future Project and its powered by Microsoft Nigeria.

For more information visit or email [email protected]. Follow @tfaafrica on Instagram and Twitter. Official hashtag is #TFPAcceleratelabs #Sparkforgrowth.

  1. Rufai Salihu
    · Reply ·

    This will in long run equip Nigerian Youth with Business capacity building, networking, access to technological advancement and knowledge as well as create so many jobs across the country. Its really a good partnership we are also delighted

  2. Apili Dick
    · Reply ·

    I thought the project could be extended to other needy African countries that falls in the category of Lower middle and Upper middle income status to raise the GDP and per capita income to empower the youth to achieve Millennium Development Goals and Vision 2063 for Africa

  3. Everton Igori
    · Reply ·

    it will help lower middle income status in Nigeria and
    to raise empower the youth to achieve Sustainable Development Goals and Vision 2063 for Africa of which my organization is a part with United Nation

  4. Mojume Chukwunweike Andrew
    · Reply ·

    By Simple Statistics, SMES in partnership with your Organization will advance technologically and impact into the Nigeria Society the mandate fore creativity, I wish to be a beneficiary to this ideology as I don’t intend to waste time, there’s so much to give to my community in Nigeria,,,

  5. Okeowo olanrewaju
    · Reply ·

    Pls I registered for the program but didn’t get any email notification, so I want to know if there is an error maybe I should refill the form or am not suppose to receive any notification in my mail after registration. Please let me know before the end of the registration. Thanks

  6. Adebajo James Adetola
    · Reply ·

    Thank You @microsoft, @thefutureproject and other partners…

  7. Austin Taiwo Abazie
    · Reply ·

    This is wonderful opportunity…

    · Reply ·

    This will certainly improve the industrial and manufacturing capacity utilization in Nigeria, give a sens of direction to the youth and i think this is a laudable initiative by your organisation Thank you microsoft

  9. Abduljabbar
    · Reply ·

    I say more power to your elbow, i hope i am part of this initiative, as this program will give some-one the tools to succeed and spread success on his\her immediate community.

  10. Lot Kaduma
    · Reply ·

    Great initiative! … Will the call for applications been extended for late submissions? I found the link today and submitted my application today.

  11. Abdulrahman
    · Reply ·

    I received an invitation for the training this night for my geo political zone to attend in kaduna. How about those that don’t reside in kaduna for the three momths training?

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