Testimonial from Accelerate Labs South-East (Anambra) Participant, Chioma Udoh

I am Mrs Chioma Udoh, Co-founder and Chief executive of Recyclepro Innovations where I guide the vision and strategy development of the company. Recyclepro is a tech based recycling startup that is using innovative incentives to revolutionize young people’s attitude to waste while collaborating with them to fight climate change. I’m very passionate about making impact through Mentorship and Public Speaking. Before The Future Project, my business was still at the idea stage but after The accelerate labs, I acquired cofounders and assembled a team and we have gained traction within two months of launching the business. The Future Project gave me a confidence boost and the validation I needed to take a step towards achieving my goals. Accelerate labs was a great mentoring opportunity for me. My best workshop sessions were business development and Successions planning. 

The networking was also phenomenal because of the amazing entrepreneurs I met there of whom most constitute my support system. 

(Accelerate Labs South-East). 

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